Auction Technology Specialist Value Proposition

The Auction Technology Specialist Value Proposition

What is important to you?

 Customer goals are important to us.

Most ATS customers suggest they enjoy: high returns on investment, customer service, quick response time, updated information, detailed research, environmentally friendly business practices, accessibility, measurable results and socially conscious sales.

We as Auction Technology Specialists implement these important client needs in our simple business operation.

ATS Auctioneers use the following technologies to improve your auction experience.

Internet (Makes Information Accessible 24-7)

Web design (Dynamic Content available for global distribution)

Email (Reduces response delays and streamlines inventory process)

Digital Advertising (Rich Media, Video Production, iFrame embeds, Social Media, Ad placement, collective Pess Releases)

Graphic Design (Improves speed and reliability of research and marketing)

Mobile Devices (Allows compatible access to goods for sale, mobile bidding, mobile donations, mobile apps and the constant contact for upcoming information)

Online Auction Platforms (Includes billions of Internet Users as potential buyers/bidders and markets the individual lot through SEM and SEO management)

Online Marketing (Targets key goals for branding and conversion with less financial and environmental waste, end users can be directly targeted and performance can be tracked)

Paperless Transactions (The option of paperless registration, check out, payment, shipping and processing to reduce carbon footprints and increase security and efficiency)

Ongoing Cyber Training (The National Auctioneers Foundation requires all Auction Technology Specialists and NAF Designations to continue with live and online education)

Web Analytics (Our ATS Auctioneers are able to read, research and interpret Internet search trends and key term results to actively improve search ability and response)

Auction Technology Specialists provide reliable turnkey technical services to improve live auctions, silent auctions, convertible sealed bid events, fundraisers and real estate sales.  ATS Auctioneers are leading consultants in the auction technology field.  Auction Technology potentially increases greater returns investments by increasing buyer participation and by lowering costs.  Contact your tech savvy ATS auctioneer today to plan your next exciting auction.

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Auction Technology

Auction Technology


New York City, U.S.A.

California has it’s share of Silicone Valley software companies and China makes more than a few computers however, the auction nucleus of the entire world is here in New York City.  No one, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, or any other cultural center on our planet, sells as much as the auction houses of New York City.

Why?  Because New York City enjoys the use of technology, the dollar, and the city is a nexus for foreign and domestic exchange.  By contacting an Auction Technology Specialist, you have access to a very important person.  In addition to yourself, the ATS Auctioneer should be the example of what a modern auctioneer sounds like in the twenty second century.

We appreciate our gavel gravel roots in live auction dusty trail sales.  ATS is the evolution of the auction profession.  With technology we can provide better service to our customers and serve more clients.  It is our pleasure to use the wheel, fire and thought to hammer a bright future for Auction Technology Specialists and our associated companies.  We hope you join us at our campfire and share in the warmth of specialist knowledge.

Our Auction Technology Specialists are ready to consult with you about upcoming Real Estate Sales, Government Justice Department Court Sales, Business Liquidations, Private Estate Sales, Bank Auctions, Luxury Property Sales, Fine Art Auctions, Auto Auctions, Personal Property Appraisals, Online Auctions, Live Auctions, Simulcast Auctions and Black Tie Charity Galas.

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We digitally sell the earth and everything on it

ATS Designation

ATS Designation

(Auction Technology Specialist)

Special thanks to the National Auctioneers Association for providing access to this content

The ATS or Auction Technology Specialist professional designation, awarded by the NAA Education Institute, requires auctioneer-scholars to complete 21 classroom hours, provide evidence of at least three online auctions and enroll in 24 hours of continuing education every three years..  ATS professional auctioneers understand today’s technology and improve their business with digital information. Through the NAF educational program, Auction Technology Specialists (ATS) auctioneers gain experience with an excellent curriculum and apply the knowledge when conducting live, online auctions or simulcast events.

The National Auctioneers Association created the Auction Technology Specialist (ATS) professional designation to provide Auctioneers with training in today’s technology, as well as provide instruction on how to use technology to improve one’s auction business. In today’s marketplace, technology and the Internet are affecting the way consumers choose to buy and sell goods. Adapting to advances in technology and meeting the expectations of your clients via the use of the Internet is becoming an industry standard. The ATS program was developed to assist Auctioneers in their use of technology in their auction business.

The ATS program consists of two sections. The first section takes place online using the Microsoft eLearning Center. This part of the course provides students with introductory training in using the Internet. In addition to introductory training, the Microsoft eLearning Center also provides training on new digital technology, as well as information on digital audio, photography and video. The second section of the course involves live classroom instruction. ATS students gain experience in conducting live and online static auctions. Training includes: lead generation and prospecting, inventory management, digital photography and video, image hosting, Internet marketing, payment processing, Web sites and enterprise integration.

ATS students must complete both courses of the program and submit documentation of two online auctions: Live-Online Auction and Static Online Auction. Auctioneers must complete 24 hours of continuing education every three years and pay an annual designation fee to maintain their ATS designation.

Click here to register to visit the National Auctioneers Association Page on ATS.

Auction Technology Specialists

National Auctioneers Association (NAA)

Auction Technology Specialists (ATS)

Welcome to

Our list of ATS Auctioneers are prepared to assist clients with online auctions, digital marketing and cutting edge inventory research.

This list of talented and distinguished individuals has completed the required course study and real life requirements to potentially provide exemplary auction technology services.

The National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and National Auctioneers Educational Foundation (NAF) searched the world for the best digital auction innovators on the plannet.

Two excellent examples of completely awesome web techs are brainiacs Robert Mayo and John Schultz who were the binary professors at the recent 2012 Spokane Conference and Convention; the International Auctioneers Competition (IAC).  Our international nerd herd of Auction Technology Specialists’ Class of 2012 included the world’s bright and dedicated National Auctioneers Association Members listed here (With one exception):

Not everyone is listed.  One individual chose to be absorbed into the matrix.  The one who must remain nameless we shall refer to by his screen name of California Grey.

Others who are more sociable and agree to be ravaged by the public eye have their complete contact information here.  If you are searching for an auction professional with the network, resources and knowledge to provide online auctions, live auctions, simulcast auctions or silent convertible bid auctions, choose ATS Auctioneers.

Auction Technology Specialists

Here to auction the world and everything on it