International Auctioneers Convention and Show in Spokane 2012

National Auctioneers Association

2012 International Auctioneers Conference and Show

and International Auctioneers Competition (IAC) in Spokane Washington

What a spectacular experience to be in Spokane Washington with many of the most accomplished auctioneers in the auction industry.  Attendants included the presidents of Ameribid and United Country, Auto Auctioneers from Barett Jackson and Mannheim, Heavy equipment auctioneers and benefit auction specialists from around the globe.

In addition to an international female and male live biding auctioneers competition (IAC), Conference and Show 2012 attendants were able to choose from a list of informative classes taught by knowledgeable specialists.  Classes included branding seminars, bid calling workshops, internet marketing, ring man class, real estate, firearms, benefit auctions, and a host of talks about online auctions, auction technology and the direction of the auction industry.

The weather was beautiful, the food was wholesome and the company of the National Auctioneers Association members was welcome.  Everyone got along and attempted to improve the auction community through town hall meetings, leadership committees, advisory panels, open discussion and of course the online auctioneers’ forum.

Even though this year’s International Conference and Show is already over, there are several educational opportunities through the National Auctioneers Association/Foundation.

Please click on a link for more information abut upcoming auctioneer training and fellowship.  We appreciate you visiting Auction Technology Specialists and hope to better serve your needs in digital future.

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Our list of ATS Auctioneers are prepared to assist clients with online auctions, digital marketing and cutting edge inventory research.

This list of talented and distinguished individuals has completed the required course study and real life requirements to potentially provide exemplary auction technology services.

The National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and National Auctioneers Educational Foundation (NAF) searched the world for the best digital auction innovators on the plannet.

Two excellent examples of completely awesome web techs are brainiacs Robert Mayo and John Schultz who were the binary professors at the recent 2012 Spokane Conference and Convention; the International Auctioneers Competition (IAC).  Our international nerd herd of Auction Technology Specialists’ Class of 2012 included the world’s bright and dedicated National Auctioneers Association Members listed here (With one exception):

Not everyone is listed.  One individual chose to be absorbed into the matrix.  The one who must remain nameless we shall refer to by his screen name of California Grey.

Others who are more sociable and agree to be ravaged by the public eye have their complete contact information here.  If you are searching for an auction professional with the network, resources and knowledge to provide online auctions, live auctions, simulcast auctions or silent convertible bid auctions, choose ATS Auctioneers.

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