Auction Technology Specialist Value Proposition

The Auction Technology Specialist Value Proposition

What is important to you?

 Customer goals are important to us.

Most ATS customers suggest they enjoy: high returns on investment, customer service, quick response time, updated information, detailed research, environmentally friendly business practices, accessibility, measurable results and socially conscious sales.

We as Auction Technology Specialists implement these important client needs in our simple business operation.

ATS Auctioneers use the following technologies to improve your auction experience.

Internet (Makes Information Accessible 24-7)

Web design (Dynamic Content available for global distribution)

Email (Reduces response delays and streamlines inventory process)

Digital Advertising (Rich Media, Video Production, iFrame embeds, Social Media, Ad placement, collective Pess Releases)

Graphic Design (Improves speed and reliability of research and marketing)

Mobile Devices (Allows compatible access to goods for sale, mobile bidding, mobile donations, mobile apps and the constant contact for upcoming information)

Online Auction Platforms (Includes billions of Internet Users as potential buyers/bidders and markets the individual lot through SEM and SEO management)

Online Marketing (Targets key goals for branding and conversion with less financial and environmental waste, end users can be directly targeted and performance can be tracked)

Paperless Transactions (The option of paperless registration, check out, payment, shipping and processing to reduce carbon footprints and increase security and efficiency)

Ongoing Cyber Training (The National Auctioneers Foundation requires all Auction Technology Specialists and NAF Designations to continue with live and online education)

Web Analytics (Our ATS Auctioneers are able to read, research and interpret Internet search trends and key term results to actively improve search ability and response)

Auction Technology Specialists provide reliable turnkey technical services to improve live auctions, silent auctions, convertible sealed bid events, fundraisers and real estate sales.  ATS Auctioneers are leading consultants in the auction technology field.  Auction Technology potentially increases greater returns investments by increasing buyer participation and by lowering costs.  Contact your tech savvy ATS auctioneer today to plan your next exciting auction.

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